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Track Day Checklist

  • No fluids leaking from anywhere on vehicle

  • Battery is secure

  • Factory seat belt locks and retracts properly

  • OR harness is in safe working order

  • ROLL CAGE: 1 piece fire suit is in good condition and must be worn on track

  • CONVERTIBLE: OEM rollover protection equipped on car or aftermarket roll bar installed that pass the broomstick test

  • Headlights, brake lights and turn signals fully functional

  • No major cracks in windshield

  • Windshield wipers in good condition and functioning properly

  • Both inside and outside door handles fully functional on all doors

  • Steering and suspension components tight with no play in them

  • Wheel hubs/bearings are tight and not making any noise

  • Wheel lug nuts are torqued to factory spec

  • All body panels are fully secure

  • Fuel cap present with no leaks

  • All fluids at the proper level (Oil, brake, coolant, etc.)

  • Brake fluid flushed/bled recently (DOT4 recommended)

  • At least 50% life remaining on brake pads

  • At least 3/32 tread depth remaining on tires

  • Driver’s side floor mat removed

  • All loose items removed from cabin and trunk

  • Helmet is SNELL SA or M 2015 or newer

  • Proper closed toe footwear is being worn

  • Bring sunscreen, bug spray, water and snacks

  • Look at the weather forecast and prepare for the conditions

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